TBN - The Portal

por-tal/ˈpôrtl/   Noun: A doorway, gate or other entrance

web por-tal/ˈpôrtl/    Noun:  A site (or collective of sites) that function as a point of access to information in the World Wide Web. A web portal presents information from diverse sources in a unified way. e.g. Yahoo, Google, Domain (and now) TBN.

Apart from standard portal search features, TBN portals deliver local, state, national and international news, event promotion, results services, e-commerce, database management and access to a plethora of services relevant to bowlers.

TBN Portals deliver a 360o panoramic view of Bowls at State, National & International levels and facilitate content aggregation without taking the hits from the sites it serves.  State and Territorial based TBN portals bring the action to the viewer and offer a 360o view of all that is happening in bowls without having to leave the portal.

Traditional media rooms all around the world are fast adapting to new age technologies and this has marked the beginning of news portals by media houses around the globe.  These new media channels providing the opportunity to reach viewers in a shorter span of time than their print media or online magazine counterparts.

See also: Club, District and State websites